Sale reversal for a purchase made 4 months ago?

Just got this night sale reversal… sadness :sweat:
Is it possible that this “buyer” purchased the track, uploaded to some YouTube, verify this purchase on AdRev and after all of this made a reversal? Interesting

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Same [removed_by_mod] here. I have noticed that reports about sales reversal increased in a previous month or two. I havent had a one until september of 2016, now it happens quite often. Its kinda interesting. I have read about “fake credit cards”, canceled PayPal transactions, etc,etc but I simply do not understand the purpose of it if you need to purchase licensed digital goods. On the other side, I can start account, purchase on $ 1000, download items and then just make PayPal refund and thats it.Account will be banned but who cares if I have items downloaded on my harddrive. Cool.

@Enabled they " fighting" does not help or they “fighting” really bad, since someone might use my stuff on TV/Broadcast for free now. Me and envato, we both lost our money. It is serious issue in security system, which must be fixed.


You are right my friend, this sucks for those like us selling digital goods, but it’s not something just related to us or Envato marktplace… It’s how the whole Internet works and applies to videogames, movies and well, even Amazon sales.
IS there a way to stop this?

Well, as long as you are accepting debit/credit cards payment there’s not much to do (or do you want to stop perceiving money from all the PayPal users in the world?).

Let’s say Envato begins asking for ID documents to the buyers… Lol, I can already see 50% of them migrating somewhere else.

…so, yeah this sucks. But think about it, how’d you solve?

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Valid points there, stupid PayPal dispute system allows you to make refund almost for every sale what is not acceptable for digital goods which you can easily preview. Cant say about credit cards, but if it the same as with PayPal [removed_by_mod] I can not provide security ideas, but I can say if dispute system exsist envato should participate in it somehow, to protect authors and themselfs.

Keep in mind that these policies (Paypal’s and most credit card issuer’s) are put in place to protect the account owner in case of foul play.

They are not there to be used as a refund button.

If you start cancelling all your Paypal transactions just so you can get free stuff, you will be contacted by Paypal and there will be legal consequences. Same thing for credit cards. What do you think your bank would do if you’d kept on making transactions and then canceling them.

You are absolutly right, but seems like someone do not affraid of legal consequences or they do not affect them.

Like here, with 11 sales reversal from one customer. How does PayPal/Bank allowed to do such a thing then?

This is most likely the result of a fraud indeed. Someone’s Paypal account was compromised, the thief bought a bunch of items with it. Then the actual account owner found out out about the theft and ask for the cancellation of all illegitimate transactions: boom, 11 sale reversals!

I had also sales reversal after three months. It’s scary unpleasant.

This is an official reply. More details as I get them. So the sale reversals are backed up from a few months ago, they didn’t all strike at once!

@TitanSlayer, I’d really appreciate you respect the community guidelines and revise your wording. You have the tendency to use language that is not accepted in this community. And if you think that for a community of 7.000.000 members, 100 sale reversals are a bad thing a month, then my hats off to the company that does a better job with fraudulent activities. If you use google a bit you’ll see the biggest companies in the world loose millions to fraud each year. :wink:

No. Sale reversals are not initiated by buyers. That would be a refund which is a different thing.

bummer dude …

Today I got refund of my new item without any email and support mail . I don’t know why this happen! (buyer from Germany). Few days ago, I got another, this time its reversal, Although product was purchase almost 2 months ago. (buyer from Mexico). Its really worried me.
After 2 month how reversal! :frowning:

no one is safe from this .it could happen continuously unfortunately.

Hi xstheme,

This thread is a couple months old but as you see above, these sale reversals are not refunds. This only happens when the money was taken from Envato which can happen in multiple circumstances. As a result of losing the money, they take it out of your account too.

If you need further clarification you should open a support ticket with the invoice ID or purchase code of the reversal. They can provide you more information/details than we should speak about publicly here. :slight_smile:

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Thanks baileyherbert, i have open a ticket… lets see :frowning: but its really heart breaking situation :frowning:

This can be happened at any time . last week my one sale get reversal which is purchased 6 months ago obviously this was not a pleasant experience.

It happened to me since New Year’s eve party on 31 December :

  1. My nWallet app has rung at 11:40 PM
  2. I was so happy
  3. I saw -9,50€ !
  4. I was very disappointed…
  5. Happy New Year :stuck_out_tongue:


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They should change the notification sound to better manage expectations. Maybe the noise off “Family Fortunes/Family Feud/Une Famille en or” when somebody gets the question wrong!

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hahaha. Good idea !!!