Sale Reversal. Envato should do something.

So, a person purchased my Muse theme and messaged me that he/she has the older version of the software and can’t update it to the latest version (don’t know why). He/she didn’t check the software compatibility of the theme while purchasing. Due to which the theme has become useless for him/her, as Muse isn’t old version compatible. He is asking for a refund now.

And then there will be no way to stop him to update the software and use my theme wherever/however he/she want. He didn’t even give any reason why he can’t update the software. I mean the update is free for anyone paying for it.


Don’t get me wrong I completely sympathize with your frustration but unfortunately there is only so much envato can do e.g. remove the file from that users account so that if you update it etc. they do not have access to the latest version.

We’ve all been through that… it’s unfortunate. Envato could review the reversal claim for both parties to see if it was a serious problem or just an angry impulse response from the client. The reversals are not fair at all, while the client gets his money back, the client still has the project and can do whatever with it.

This is not fool proof. For example I purchase your project and then I want a refund for a nonchalant reason. I still have the project but I paid 0 cents for it. Envato should really look further into this because it continues to be a problem.


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u are definitely right but in addition, no need to say what some guys who use these kins of process do with items … everyone can read between the lines … however what u are failing to consider this is that some refunds are due to doe guys using items with stolen credit cards indeed … as for this they cannot really do anything, but i am wandering how with the huge fees that we are taken from and with the size of the company that envato has grown into, they cannot manage to have an insurance thing or somethign like this so that at least the authors can keep the purchase which is an absolute minimum indeed , as, like u said, guys kind try to call for a refund with no dal reasons and they have items , besides, that’s absolutely incredible that a system of refund is allowed in a numerical universe like this, when we know that once an item is downloaded, there’s no way back and that we have no idea of what people who bought are going to be likely to do with items …