Sale Reversal Amount is higher than Item price?

We have this following item

Its price is $30 on Themeforest from a long time now and today i got a sale reversal of this template which deducted something $40-45 so Im not sure how the calculation is working


That’s because you used to sell the item for $59, which is when the license was sold that just got reversed.
See here:

A sale reversal is not a refund. This means that the transaction was likely reported as fraud or such, and Envato lost the funds, so they took it out of your account.

hmm but how come envato could not figure out such reversal in 3 or more months. Its been almost 3-4 months I changed the item price

As far as I am aware, the reversal process is automatic and instantaneous. So the reversal likely happened today. :frowning: It’s unfortunate that they can do that after 3+ months, but is the sad reality of selling online.

I think six months is the limit for chargebacks.

You should contact the support and report the account. I believe they will ban it

No need, they do it automatically when a chargeback is carried out.