sale reversal after 4 months, why is it possible or allowed?

I had sale reversal for sale that happend on 23 september, reversal came on 23 december. Why is this allowed after 4 months, will customer who did this get penalized in any way? This is wrong of them to do, they never contacted me to ask for refund or support.

They have rights to get the refund if the item is not downloaded. That could be one of the issue

That’s three months. I believe accounts are blocked and downloads are stopped, for those that do a reversal without going through the proper refund channels.

It’s nothing to do with them having downloaded the item or not… that would only apply to refunds, not reversals.

Contact support and ask an explanation

sale reversal is not a refund!

with PayPal for example, users can file a dispute up to 180 days (6 month) after purchase