Sale Refund - New?

My first time to encounter this, not sure I understand. So they can refund now without first notifying the author?

It’s a bad side of Envato. They should send a mail to the author first. :fearful:

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Take a look on envato refund policy:

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just got the notice

but still $18 was deducted :frowning:

still wondering where the “repurchased the item” is hehe

okay can you show me details like this

thanks for the info

interesting… I don’t have that

did you checked here

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yes, says… “there are no open refund requests”

then how refund ?

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Yep, I’m also wondering… says on the email, envato approved it

ooh this is sad then you or we can’t do anything.
Actually i don’t have idea about videohive refund request i know well themeforest refund

maybe I’ll just wait for the customer to "repurchase# it… as Envato says they already have repurchased

Hi. It happened to me once. If there are billing issues when customer buy your item, then Envato brings all back to zero. Your case was because of some billing problem. Envato doesn´t refund because, for example, customer didn´t like your project after download was done.

If you can’t find this “repurchased” sale, you should ask Rosee at Envato some clarification. They should be able to tell you exactly when this second sale was made.

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I see, thanks for the info

will do, thanks!

All clear now, got Rosee’s response. It was repurchased 2 weeks ago. Cheers!