Sale of 31st August is not Available in Earning

Hello Every One.

I have just seen that earning of the day 31st August 2021 is not updated in earning section.

Am I the only one who is facing this? I will suggest you all to please check earning of 31st AUG 2021.

Kindly guide me.

Best Regards

from my side it is fine. please double check.

I have double checked now.

Screenshot is attached: Screenshot by Lightshot

from my side in my earning Tuesday, 31 is included and calculated. please check statement page and make sure you have sale on Tuesday, 31.

There are chances that you have had no sales on the day.

Your hometown and Envato’s location may be different ( time difference )
Regarding to that, the sale you made at the day 31st, may locate at the next month calendar as well

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This may be helpful: