Sale Flyer Hard Rejected

Hello, again :raising_hand_man:
Here I am to ask you for feedback on this Black Friday sale flyer that I submitted and was hard rejected. I think it looks pretty good in my opinion, I wanted to keep it minimal yet elegant and creative. What do you think?

hi buddy fr me this looks classy and i like it, though, maybe the typo part is a little bit flat indeed, i guess that trying to bring a bit originality this side and to combine a little bit more fonts would be welcome to bring your cool work to the next level :slight_smile:

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Alright, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
I improved the typography a bit and added more elements. I think I added too many ribbons, but otherwise it would look “empty.” What do you think? Should I change something before trying again?

hi buddy no this is not too much indeed … the typo part is better in the upper part but it remains a bit flat for “your store” amd “save up to 70%”