Sale fee or Tax Question !!!!


my item accepted in the last few days … after adding the pricing property for the authors to envato market … so i specified my item with 5$ + 1$ (buyer fee) = 6$ (as you will see in the attached picture)

when the item sale … my account receive only 3.12$ … is that correct? or should i receive a 5$?

thank you for helping … Best Regards :slight_smile:

Author Fee 1.88

Your sale $6 on GR

Buyer Fee $1
Author Fee $XY depends on your overall sales and exclusivity
Taxes $XY depends on where you live

Finally the local taxes if you make more money here.
In my country this means $180 monthly for social insurance as public subject and $100 for accountant.

But it is a nice hobby :slightly_smiling:

@SoulDesign Thansk for your replies …

last question … what’s the difference between Buyer Fee & Author Fee !!!

I never get in this maths, but both goes to market provisions. Difference is that Buyer Fee is constant and Author is variable in two ways 1. Author is setting price 2. Authors provision grows with sales (but after thousands ofcourse). Anyway your income will be always between 50 and (elite) 70% before taxes. (Edit: as an exclusive author)