Sahifa Theme Slider Bug

I’ve been trying to get the slider to slow down on this Sahifa theme but there doen’t seem to be an option to fix this. I’ve tried to get the author to do the right thing by helping to fix it but he’s clearly not interested, only in asking me to pay money for something that should be standard .
Do any of you know how to get the slider to slow down as it’s impossible for anyone to read it at the the speed the theme has which is a total waste of the feature.
I treid looking in the files area but there doesn’t seem to be any option to fix this so it must be an issue with the theme.
Any help appreciated.


Contact with your item author


I did thanks but the authotr is too focused on trying to extract money for this which I honestly think he could help resolve without the need to make more money as I never used the support that came with the theme anyway, only now it’s needed to slow down the slider but author is reluctant to get off his hands and send the adjustment needed to slow down the slider.
Not all of us worship money and had it been me, common sense would tell me that I would help as it makes the theme look shoddy and I would have some pride in my work as it is an advert to the public but we can’t all be like that.:slight_smile:

Hi @cancasa

Most recommend read documentation first, hope you will get proper help there. Otherwise You can check theme options, slider options to adjust the speed of the slider.


Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an option to adjust the speed of the block sliders and I suspect it was done deliberately to extract yet more money from customers.
Quite embarrassing behaviour really.:frowning:

Hey @cancasa why you don’t get in touch with your item author ?
Envato Forum isn’t for customer help/item support center! here you will find you that where/how would you received item support.Author are responsible for item support but he will not not providing item customization support.
As a slider issue you can ask with author hope he will help you out from your issue or if you read documentation of that slider plugin then may be will helpful for you.