Sad News to report

I have just been informed by Mr. Fred Gamba, a reputable banker in Accra Ghana, that Mr.Richard has passed away in China. Apparently there is money to be inherited but I never knew Mr. Richard. I feel awful and devastated of his passing but I just do not know what to do about the money. Any ideas?


helping people… investing on education and research… empowering democracy?
just an idea…

Invest in the business that in your opinion will be correct.

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Have you ever heard of these?

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I’m Mr.Richard myself and I’m feeling well and I’m not in China! Don’t believe these scammers, I don’t plan to inherit any money to anyone! Yeah I’m very greedy!

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I’m really sorry everyone - my British sense of humour sucks.


If you have not seen them before google James Veitch email scams and watch his videos - I think your British sense of humour will appreciate these.


James Veitch is a hero!


Strange, I had same email from African Prince that wanted to give me a million dollars. Could it be Mr. Richard? :rofl:

It could be his LITTLE brother Richard.

Good golly!

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If you were in Poland, you would definitely build a church.

Trust me, this is so true, do not believe these guys here. I was contacted by a Nigerian prince a couple of weeks ago, he has millions that need to be deposited into someone’s account. All I had to do was send $5,000 via Western Union and I am just waiting for all these millions to be deposited into my account. I can’t wait for the money so I can start my own envato!

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i was so lucky to be contacted several times by several people in ghana, nigeria, china… that wanted to share their inheritance with me.
that is why I’m now I’m so rich that i can just buy envato and put myself as featured author every month.

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