Sabai Directory Shortcode not working for WP Pages and adding extra parameters to Shortcode

I have the Paid Plugin for “SABAI Directory”…However, I have 2 issues :

  1. I want to use [sabai-directory-photos] in my WP Page, but seems like this Shortcode renders on WP Posts and NOT on WP Pages. Can you tell me what settings need to be done such that the SHORTCODE renders on WPPages as well ?

  2. Also, I want the above Shortcode to render PHOTOS for a given listing, so how can I do that ? The link here : displays ALL photos by default. Assuming the DROPDOWN in this link ( has a LIST of all available listings, the photos change accoding to selection…How would I be able to achieve the same via Shortcde ?

For Ex : Something like :

[sabai-directory-photos id="6"] 


[sabai-directory-photos addon="listing-name"]


[sabai-directory-photos addon="listing-slug"]

Any help would be great. Thanks !