I’m having trouble with the author s7Templates, who developed the BetPro system and the flutter app that comes bundled with the package for 59$… I would like to inform and ask you not to buy from this author and much less this system, the system is full of errors, the flutter application does not work, and all the support he gives does not help at all, does not solve anything!! I won’t get a refund by the way, but here’s the recommendation not to buy ANYTHING from this author!

If you’re having trouble with the item, you should contact the author through the contact form or via the comments section as well as you can rate the item there, too.

If you think there’s a problem with the script, you can contact Envato support and request a second quality check. If it doesn’t follow the rules, they may remove the item as well as you may get the refund

como faço para entrar em contato com o suporte da envato?

I’ve already tried contacting script support and they can’t resolve the problem, and they won’t respond to my messages!

If you’d like to keep the script, you will need to get it fixed by hiring a freelancer otherwise you can just ask for refund.