S Korea 2nd after USA


So we have this new feature where you can see “Your Top Countries” in the earnings tab.

Seeing USA as nr1 isn’t surprising, but to see S. Korea coming in 2nd is.




man! u have both koreas inside lol that will be war out there lol kidding lol but how surprising !


Cool. Japan is 2nd for me! :smile:


Haha no more war, please. Hopefully they will follow this karma reflection by peaceful way (at last :pray:)

Actually I have a huge part of customers from South Korea usually. They come mostly for application buttons-notifications etc. They have the powerful world-famous brands of digital devices, perhaps this industry is developing so fast so they need to get content everywhere else.


yes i do agree if all people in the world could be smart enough to get along and accept each other (even if they are sometimes different) that would be great and the all world would be better off … in any case, congrats to u for the feat of reuniting both Koreas in a peaceful way :wink:


Korea in 2nd for me too since Mars.


The same here. India is the second and Korea is the third. Really surprising.


This is what I see for my 2015 Stat. Korea Republic on 4th!


Thank you! Of course, it’s the right point.