Russian VAT (НДС) for Authors

You’ve misunderstood me. The issue is not the VAT itself. It’s the author fee and buyer fee nonsense that replaced the commission based system. The fact that authors have to pay taxes on Envato’s cut is insane and very unfair.


Hi there, thanks a lot for the useful information.

As I understood from my calculations, I will probably lose about 0.6-0.8 dollars from each purchase. And the more expensive, the higher the percentage seems to be obtained. Okay, it will be clear already on Monday what will come of it.
You’re right that everything can be compensated for by price. But Envato itself is cunning with the search. For example “New or Hot under $ 12”. And all the same, we as authors cannot win from this. But I think that we will survive this too. :smiley:

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Higher the amount, but always the same percentage.

Envato is ******** more and more for himself this year! At first, an incomprehensible decision to introduce a system for the adoption of tracks on the basis of the latest ones. Did you promise to shorten the appointment time? Well, in the end, my tracks hang again for 19 days, probably they need to expand the staff, no? Now this is an innovation that is shaking the authors. Subtract VAT from our deductions to you! The authors are already donating sufficient amounts! Greed will destroy you! The competition among stocks is starting, sooner or later you will realize your mistakes! Do something adequate in 2020! No offense, just my opinion.


Envato collect the VAT and send the money to the Russain tax authorities, so they don’t get a penny of it. And as they’ve had to implement this change, even though it might be a relatively small amount, they’re now making less money than they did previously… so exactly what ‘greed’ is it that will destroy Envato?

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In accordance with the tax legislation of the Russian Federation, individuals without an individual entrepreneur do not have VAT payers; they do not pay value added tax for the sale of property (Chapter 21 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

В соответствии с налоговым законодательством РФ физические лица без образования ИП не являются плательщиками НДС , поэтому при реализации имущества не платят налог на добавленную стоимость (гл. 21 НК РФ).


do you need a screenshot where more tax money is now withheld from my sales? the fact of the matter is that Envato first of all takes from the authors.

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After all, Putin found us even here! It’s time to change your country of residence :slight_smile:

If I understood correctly from the statistics of my sales. It turns out that VAT is charged on the commission that Envato takes. In general, it turns out about 3% of the net profit, if I calculated correctly.

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If you have a screenshot that proves Envato are ‘greedy’ then sure, send it over. If you just have a screenshot that shows Envato are now charging you VAT then no need… I’m not disputing that. You know they don’t get to keep the VAT, right?

Nobody pays VAT for selling something. They may have to charge VAT when selling something, and then remit that amount to the Russian tax authorities, but not pay it. In this instance, Envato are charging VAT on a service that they charge to authors.

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so where do they earn less than before? you wrote it in a post earlier. THEY take VAT from the authors!
And yes, it is greed, and yes, I am thankful for a lot of audiojanglu, envato. It’s a cool and user-friendly platform. But they hurt those who make content for them. After all, it was possible to split the VAT between their fees and the authors. It was possible to solve the problem with the timing of admission. Until it gets worse and worse. The stock urgently needs a big competitor for normal development. With love!

The time, staff, resources and money it will cost them to manage charging and remitting Russian VAT.

3% это у авторов, кто заработал 60000$ и выше. У начинающих примерно 6%. Для того, чтобы теперь им получать хотя бы половину от цены трека, трек должен стоить 29-30$

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Thanks for all your questions and comments on this. Just a reminder that we recommend seeking independent advice to confirm your tax position.

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