Russia or CIS Countries


Hello everyone,
Anyone from Russia or CIS Countries?


I am not from there but you can see who belongs to those areas just by “going to another topic, list or category” (next to your image thumbnail). then go to badges. look for your country badge, click. a full list of people will show up.
To save you sometime. look at this


Thank you:)


Actually a huge amount of Russian and Ukrainian authors, I’ve seen many from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Baltic countries also.


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I hope that is correct . lol


Though officially still in CIS, de-facto Ukraine is out of it :wink:


You can see all the users from


Agreed, of course. And more, if strictly, three states of Baltia was never even included in. Officially.
I mentioned them because I guess TheWZRDZ has meant not some formal borders of this organization (which were fastly floating all the time). But the community with the large part of
Russian speakers and deep cultural and ethnic cross-relations. De-facto. Post-USSR territory, in simple word. Hope I got the Original Poster’s question correctly :smile:

Ah, forgot to mention Moldavian authors, I see them very often too.


Thought people in Baltic republics were not very fond of their “historical and cultural ties to mother Russia” :smiley:


Let’s go to youtube if you want to continue discuss this.


No need.
Traveled the world quite a bit, so just saying.
If you feel that there’s something wrong/inappropriate/offensive in my replies, please feel free to cast a flag on them.


Travelling the world a bit we see the world is much wider than black/white TV screen.


Thank you:)


@TheWZRDZ: to find authors by country you can use also Google search by request like ”Uzbekistan” , the same for any marketplace.


You are right. I meant russian speakers and etc… It was interesting for me, how many people are from there because Royalty-Free Music and other stocks are not famous in ex-soviet republic countries.


I understand that that supposed to be a fine joke, but since I do not watch the TV I did not get it :frowning:


The way to find some more :slight_smile: Search at the community by badges shows only those who have activity at the current forums, but the majority of authors surely doesn’t. I think at least at videohive and audiojungle Russians or Russian speaking authors are near to quarter part of all amount may be. Many of them doesn’t wear flag badges, but it can be noticeable, for example, from their flagcounters or social profiles. Or even from typical usage of figures of speech (who excluding Russians will say at English speaking forums something like +100500 :smiley: )

Not sure how welknown in other countries Envato is - here in Eastern Siberia it’s so-so, I’ve even noticed townfellow authors from my not so large town :smile:

I think it’s fluctuating about overall country’s population amount, infrastructure developings, most industry directions etc.
Or people just have some alternatives - as I see, for example, Chinese authors extremely rarely here, comparing with their population’s average.


You have some good points:) Thanks for the info mate:) Good luck in winter, Sibera is really cold)))