Russia Mundial 2018 :)

What a Mundial.

  1. Russia - congratulations - the organization is 1st class, there are dozens of special forces watching a team from my country. From other too. Good professional job.

  2. Serbia - this goal today… sweet. Just poetry in motion. I am from Poland so I support your team too.

  3. Mexico - WTF! :slight_smile: LOL congratulations. So fast players, so much determination… world class.

great event.


5:0 подожди посмотришь потом )))))

Russia forever!

This mundial is strange - big teams are loosing or winning with mega problems. Russia 2 good games for now. I think there are some satelites with lasers shooting to strong teams. I think there is some secret base where special agents are sitting in front of those satelites and other stuff. :smiley:

And Cristiano Ronaldo is involved and cooperating with Russian special forces so they let him shoot goals like crazy. :slight_smile:

truth. truth,