Rules for theme provision are downloaded from Envato Elements

Hello friends,

I have read the user terms:
But I do not understand, specifically is there a rule that binds “Do I provide a theme loaded from Envato Elements to my end client?”

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Not “as is”

It would need to be used (one download copy per client) as part of a bigger project

This project needs to be completed while you are still subscribed, although you can then continue to use this completed project after

I mean: I provide a Theme (WordPress) file for my customer to use.
Is there any policy from Envato?

Yes - you cannot just download it and give it to them as it is.

You have to download a new copy for each client/website/time it is used

There will be no support or updates avalaible

You can only give it to them if it is being used as part of a wider project

This proejct has to be completed while you are still usbscribed - you cannot download a copy to share/use when you want after you have unsubscribed

Great. Thanks for supporting me.