Rules for creating sprites

Hi everyone) I’m new and I have a problem, my sprite was rejected. Help please. What are the rules for creating sprites?

Hi! :slight_smile: We all do not have telepathy, and we can’t look in the folder with your item on your PC :wink: You must show your rejected item if you want advice

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Of course. Archived: jpg, png, psd photos and Readme file

as for me i think this is cute , from this screen this is hard to tell in my view as i am far form being an expert for this type of work lol

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I don’t see a grid structure with square pixels. All pixels are of different sizes.
Also, I’m not sure if sprites are still in demand in 2019.
You did not prepare a GIF animation to understand how it looks when assembled.
Why is the thickness of the glasses different when the character’s face is in profile.
It also seems to me that there is too little animation (he just walks and that’s all). Usually in similar packs there are animations where the character takes damage, raises an loot, quickly runs, dies, etc…

I’m also not sure that the contrast of the colors of clothes is a profitable solution:

  • If the character is placed on a dark background, we will not see his jacket.
  • If the character is placed on a light background, we will not see his shoes.
  • If the character is placed on a mid-tone background, we will not see his hair.

Thank you. I will try to correct these problems and reload

But what do you mean by the first sentence

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Я тебя понял. Спасибо