Ruby Template Update


I updated my wordpress site ( and the update completely borked my site settings and layouts. Is this normal? I tried rolling back to no avail. Would the update have overwritten my template settings?


Hi @jlachapelle,

Welcome to the forums! It depends on the nature of update, but usually your settings shouldn’t be reverted to default state. Since “Ruby” is a free theme, you should find out who created it and contact the person about this issue.



Thanks for the info. The Ruby theme I’m using was actually a purchased theme ($44 USD) so does that matter in terms of where I look for support?


If it was purchased here, on ThemeForest, here’s how to contact theme author:



Thanks again… I looked in the comments and found that apparently someone has duped this template somehow. The update shows up in the Wordpress dashboard but it’s not a version by the actual author. (comments link below) I reinstalled the correct theme and seem to be back to normal.


Oh, thanks for letting us know then :slight_smile: Hopefully there won’t be any more problems with the theme. Happy blogging!