RT-Theme 17 Still For Sale with Discontinued Support

How can a WordPress theme (RT-Theme 17), and it’s extended support option, still be offered for sale when the author has stated that support for this product has been discontinued?

I can’t see an option to add extended support when trying to buy the theme?


Authors do not have to provide support for the item to remain for sale, as long as they make that clear

Apologies, I misinterpreted the “Buy another licence” link as buying additional support option.

I am still a bit stunned that a WP theme can be sold without any support from its author.

It hasn’t been updated in 18 months either so regardless of how good the author is, I would still look for a more modern theme.

It is a very famous and legacy theme that has been around for a long long time which will inevitably make support and updates a bit trickier BUT envato are also working on tidying up out of date items for sale but obviously this is no quick task.