Royal - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme | WooCommerce

I purchased Royal - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme | WooCommerce by 8theme now the author has removed the asset, how can I get refund for the same.

Hi @moonakhan,

If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form (below the How to request a refund).


I want to add few words here, I have purchased the above theme by 8theme now the theme is not in my downloads, the following error is showing

Blockquote Download not available

Item removed by either staff or the author

You may still download your [License certificate & purchase code (text)] for this item.

If you are entitled to a refund will depend on when you purchased the item Why has my item been removed? – Envato Market Help Center

this is my first time, I purchased that item in 2018, never used, but now the item is removed by staff or author !

Unfortunately - you would not be entitled to a refund on 3 year old purchases here. It’s in the T&Cs that Envato cannot guarantee the lifespan of items.

We’ve hidden the other post which talks about another marketplace but that sounds like you can still access support and downloads from the new place which they are selling the theme

Yes, the issue is resolved for now ! thanks !