Roll-Up Hard Rejected

Hi, my roll-up has been hard rejected, can you guys give some feedback? I really want to improve my skills.

hi for me it looks good and i have no idea what may explain a hard rejection, u only have a bit of a problen with the main title that is lacking interspace (the psace between lines is way too small) but apart from this and the slight re organization that it may bring to teh table , i do not see what could be wrong with this item

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback.

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u are welcome :slight_smile:

Can I get some feedback on this rejected bc?

well i like it much … i have no idea what is wrong in this case …
i just tend to believe that u have a problem about font size , and thus readability in a way , apart from this , i do not know what to say …

Do you think 6pt is too much of a small size? thank you for the feedback.

no indeed, this is too small, normally indeed … in fact we discussed about it once with anoher experienced designer … we identify why people try to use very little font like this … this is making teh design look more refined and the global card more harmonious … the problem is that the data is meant to be read and normally there are codes / rules for typo size, according to the “target” that u have , normally for lettered adults this is 9 … but this is bigger again for elders and children …