Roll out from Envato Affiliate Program

Hello Envato,

Today, 20.02.2017 i received this email:


We noticed that your tax information includes an address that is incorrect or contains non-English characters.

Please update your tax information by this Friday, 24 February 2017. If you do not update your tax information, the data will be sent to the IRS of the United States.

This is to remind you that the IRS may require Envato to apply 30% royalty withholding tax to your earnings if any information that you provided is unreliable or incorrect.

The form is available under Tax Information on your Settings page. You can also access the form by copying the following link and simply updating it with your username "”


I have 0 earnings in Envato Affiliate Program and i am not a Envato Author. That’s why i want to roll out from the Affiliate Program. How can i do this?

Mmm, by ignoring it. 30% of the “0” dollar income, let me get my calculator, it’s 0$ tax :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post resurse-digitale.
Firstly I’d like to help you optimise your affiliate activities further and increase those affiliate earnings.
How do you currently promote envato market? Where are you driving traffic from?
The only reason we would advise to complete your tax information is to ensure you remain tax compliant. As you are not an author nor live is US you’d need to complete a W8 form.

If you would like to ‘roll out’ from the affiliate program’ you don’t need to officially request this, just simply remove your affiliate links from any referral sites.

Hopefully you don’t and we can work with you to increase those affiliate earnings.