Rofayda Thrme

By the fall of 2018 “last year”… I liked a theme called Rofayda which is for tourism…
I begun editing it to my needs but i’ve found fatal problems as there is no way that anyone is going to book with their booking form they made because its somehow broken…
I had contacted the support asking for a refund and it was refused… Also i contacted and i guess its their support and they helped in fixing a problem about trips and they asked me to give a 5 stars recommendation which was before i realize that there is no booking form… and after that the theme was deleted from themeforest and all whats left are 404 pages and some images… and support didnt accept the refund request again.
Nice robbery.


You can ask your question at here as a comments with your purchase item author @hyipgeo

Hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thanks for the help & the guidance.
but they does not respond and dont even give me my money back !

Open a Envato Help Ticket share about the author response details Envato Customer Success They would like to assist you with an official answer.