Rock Page Builder Save Disabled

Here is the situation. I hope it is an easy one to fix.

Running WP 5.1.1 - Theme: AZOOM - Using Rock Page Builder for editor
Uploaded & activated plugin Disable Gutenberg because it disabled Rock Page Builder.
Uploaded & activated WP Classic Editor to go back to the functions that allow Rock Page Builder(RPB) as my page/post builder and editor.

When I attempted to edit a page I selected 'Classic edits" on the page I want to edit. Went to the page.
Make edits to a published page as usual in the RPB blocks and saved the edits in the block.
On the right side is a panel for RPBfunctions.
In that panel you have to hit save again to actually save/update the edits made. The green save button in that panel is unresponsive when it is clicked. Nothing that has been edited is actually saved.

To solve the issue I have checked the Classic Editor to make sure it is enabled. Disabled Yoast as was suggested at, Deactivated and activated all the plugins but none of this helps.

I have clearly missed a step somewhere. Happy to get any suggestions to fix this.
BTW consider me novice level with this but I think I could follow your directions well. LOL


Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thanks, will do.