Rnb plug-in for a rental home?

I struggle so much… I wanted to use this plug-in to rent out a room. But it is not working. I want to return te plug-in. Really frustrated, almost worked two days on this.

Hello @Margreetledelay

If you’ve bought the plugin from CodeCanyon and the item is supported you can get in touch with the author for support. They might be able to help. Here’s how you can do that:

However, if you want a refund, you should check this article to see if you are eligible for one → Can I get a refund

If you are, you can request a refund using the button in the article.

I asked for support but could not find any help on this specific matter. Was hoping someone on the forum knew some more info. How to do this. I even let a friend who is really skilled looked at it and no result… So if it is not really possible I should take other steps. Thank you for tour information.