Risk stoping Facebook live stream?

I have heard that Facebook can just interupt a Webcast if they notice unlicenced music.

Is the Audiojungle-music clear for Facebook?
/ Jonas

Yes, if you have the license you wouldnt have any problem.

But how does Facebook know that I have a license?
I just want to be SUUUPER suer!

I found this info about Facebook;


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Most People on AJ have their music registered with a YouTube ContentID service provider (such as AdRev or Identifyy). As of now, these third parties only work with YouTube and have not been rolled out on Facebook yet.

Because of this, we authors are not familiar with the license validation process that will be set up on Facebook for music registered with these third-parties.

From the comments of this Facebook post, it looks like for now it’s not as straightforward as on YouTube, and a bit on the obscure or arbitrary side.

Nonetheless, music bought on AJ should not generate a copyright strike and muting of the video, we currently don’t the tools nor interface for managing our assets on this platform, so unless Facebook’s system is dysfunctional, copyright notice shouldn’t be issued.