RISK?? My Item Wallpapers Space in 10k

Good afternoon. What should I do? I created my space Wallpapers in 10K and decided to sell them here as background screensavers. Why am I being asked to include source code in the project? What’s that supposed to mean? This is impossible! Graphics are created by extremely complex manipulations, I can only provide any of their sources, exclusively for internal verification of the site administration. And the last message looks like a threat

"P.S. The team have invested considerable time in reviewing and providing feedback on your submission. If we feel that you have not invented enough time in making the required changes before resubmitting, this may be considered misuse of the review process. Where continued misuse of the review process is identified, your submission rights may be restricted or suspended. "

I don’t know what software you use to create this space scene but from what I understand the reviewer ask you to provide an editable file if you want to upload it in Graphic River. If you create it using a 3D software you don’t need to provide the 3D scene. It is required a PSD final render (I assume you have it ) with all elements separated on layers.

If you want to upload it as a single image try Photodune.

Also the the light on the planet and the light from that distant blue star doesn’t match and the planet’s halo looks fake.

That’s pretty strange considering the number of background items on GraphicRiver that only supply JPEGs.

Regardless, @Wenrexa, I’ve made a bunch of 8K space backgrounds like this as well, so I know how complex they can be. If possible I would try to have it so the user can turn certain elements on or off, such as the planet, asteroids, flare, etc. to give even a small amount of customization.

If you’re using Photoshop, you can separate everything into named folders and colour code the layer tags. Put the main elements such as the planet, ring, and flare into their own folders with green tags, and everything else that the user shouldn’t need to touch into locked folders with red tags.

hi i understand what u try to explain , but why having the option “layered” if no matter what we are asked to have layers? in addition, he tries to sell a “wallpaper” and i have never heard about people editing a wallpaper …

yes i think that u are right, this is probably the best solution to sell in photo dune, however as mentioned to xiox, what having the option “layered” if they are required anyways (no matter what is the type of item)?

I only explained that option because it’s apparently what the reviewers want in this case.

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I decided. I won’t sell my Wallpaper. My Wallpaper is made in Photoshop, it’s not a 3D scene. There are a lot of layers.
Made Wallpapers in 10K resolution without using 3D programs.
Thank you guys!

lol self solutioning your own thread is an “interesting” behavior lol

i agree with u and i have never said the opposit , i just meant that this could be looking a bit strange that he is asked such a thing when some items do not require layers systematically