Right Way Theme loads very slowly on GoDaddy

Love the theme but unfortunately it loads very slowly on GoDaddy. We only have pictures and text and we’re not hosting any videos or using an excessive amount of plugins.

According to GoDaddy tech support, they stated this theme has an enormous CSS which results in slow load times.

Is there any instructions to dramatically reduce the size of the CSS for this theme?

Any help would be appreciated.


There are various plugins that can help to minify CSS etc. but with respect the demo (while it may not be on GoDaddy) runs pretty quickly http://politics.themerex.net/ so you may find that there will always be a degree of the issue down to the hosting

Thanks for your reply, Charlie! I have other sites on GoDaddy that were built from the ground up and load pretty quickly.

I think the Right Way theme is so dense with features that unless you’re on a dedicated hosting service it’s too slow for visitors.

It would be nice if they had a streamlined version to improve load times on shared hosting sites.

Thanks again,