Rhythmic Opener got rejected


My latest project Claps Stomp Opener has been hard rejected. I put a lot of time into creating this fast Intro and did not get any explanation, beside information that my project does not require standard quality.

What do you think about my project authors? I appreciate your opinion.

Make sure to watch the preview on youtube in 1080p, I uploaded preview video with small bitrate used for VH.


Hi. Looks nice but in my opinion it has no variations, it alternates image rotation once to the left and once to the right and so on to the end. The rithmycal animation is always the same, maybe if you do once to the left, once to the right, once up or down or diagonal, i dont know, it´s just an idea. And probably final logo reveal is too simple and with no visual punch for a stomp intro.
Good Luck! :+1:


The market is heavy uploaded with something similar, Envato needs something new in the ideas, styles and techniques which you will be unique with it …

Good luck and keep moving