reward plugins

Hello everyone. I have a situation and I would like you to help me find a solution.
A client asked me to create an ad sharing and multi-vendor site, all together with a free affiliate system. I bought adclassified theme and sumo Affiliate pro plugin. The site is done. Now he wants affiliates to also be rewarded by sharing premium ads on social networks and that in the subscription package, there is the number of shares per ad. That is to say when the affiliate shares the advertisement the number of times registered in the package, the sharing is blocked. All the reward plugins I found on envato are related to woocommerce products. It’s ads he wants affiliates to share to earn money. There must be user restrictions and limits on the number of shares per ad per affiliate. What do you recommend please? What plugins can I use?

Sounds like you are already hacking together several plugins to get where you are at.

This sounds like definite custom (and not that straight forward) work, for example I am not even sure how you would limit or prevent sharing on their own networks.

This really doesn’t feel like something plugins can offer esp when it’s reliant on a combination of other plugins already.

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