Revslider Purchase Code Reassignment

How can I contact CodeCanyon to have the purchase code reassigned?

I have purchased RevSlider and used on another site that is no longer a registered domain. I want to disable that registration so I can use it on a new site. I have retrieved my purchase code but because the support period has expired, CodeCanyon will not let me lodge a support ticket to reassign the purchase code.

I cannot find other contact details to ask them this question.

Thank you


I dont think codecanyon purcahse code is specif to a domain name.

It is probably connected to activating updates etc (plugin will still work without it).

It’s not CC you need to speak to - it’s the author. Even outside of the support period you can leave a comment on the item page and they will be able to advise

Yes, but re-assign the code requires time and they can clearly leave it as there is no reason to spend time if someone has no support active.

The plugin still works but I want to access the free templates!! And, I’d like the product licensed correctly anyway.

This is definitely something that you are entitled to without a support subscription. Try leaving a comment on the item’s page.