Revolution Slider switch from closed site to new one

Hello. I have an RS licence which I was using on a site which I have recently closed. RS has come bundled in a new theme on my new site, and I thought I could remove the association between the licence and the old site from my Envato account, but I cannot see any obvious way to do that (not sure if it’s because I’m on iPhone). Can anyone enlighten me, please? Thanks.

Oh, boy. Judging from the error message, I didn’t de-activate the licence on my old site before requesting its close-down, and I am outside the RS support period. Any suggestions very welcome.

Hey man,

no worries, here’s some information about how you can reset your code:

The webform to force the reset of your activation key with help of a CodeCanyon API key (in case your old RevSlider is not available anymore):

Cheers, Dirk @ ThemePunch


Thank you so much for the advice. The fix worked like a charm!! Now to get to grips with using my page builder :-). All the very best to you.

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