Revolution slider is not working

I bought the teach theme. Now I wanted to install it, but the Revolution Slider ist not working and also the Wp bakery Visual Composer is not working.

I tried to install the Revolution Slider per FTP but nothing ist working. Do I have to buy this to things extra?

Try contacting the author, they must be able to help you.

thanky you, I will do this.
br dave

please send me the link to the author, because in the official website you are the one who can help:

Assuming this theme then support is

FYI it’s quite an old theme and there looks to have been limited updates so it may be that the versions being used are outdated or there may be compatibility issues.

Thank For the respond. How can I get my money back cause the new teach theme is a totally different look. I can not use this.

I am talking about teach music theme

here is the official website:

I both one week ago the VibeMusic Multipage

and here how it looks without revolution slider and WPbakery…

best regars…:slight_smile:

VibeMusic and music tech

It depends on what the issue is.

Refunds = but you need to check also

The best advice would be to start by asking the author as it may be something very simple. otherwise follow the links above

Thank you for this two links,

I have already exactly in this site written, the answer was:
please contact the author.

So if they are not the author and you are not the author, who then?


You followed instructions here or you emailed Envato?

This link is for author support instructions and is the people to speak to

I contactet this link twice, noboby in there

Not all authors work over weekends. You may have to let them get back in the office

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