Revolution Slider is not working in my theme

I have install a Business consulting theme on 19th feb 2018 , But when i am activating the revolution slider , then its showing wrong purchase code.

Kindly help in this.

If the slider was bundled with a theme then you can activate it BUT it will work regardless with the theme.

Activation is only for things like auto updates. The author of the theme would need to provide these.

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Yeah , the slider was bundled with theme , but in wordpress dashboard it is showing message please activate your revolution slider and then when i am activation with my purchase code then it is showing Wrong Purchase code and slider contents are added in wordpress admin but in site its showing "Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found. Maybe you mean: ‘main_slider’ or ‘about_us_slider’

You cannot activate bundled plugins.

That error just means that there is no slider either created or imported with that alias.

Either create one using that name or change the it to use a different one and it will be fine

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your help . As you said i have done like and its working now.


today i purchase citytour theme which is really amazing. But once i enter the purchase code for activating the slider revolution, it showing wrong code.

plz help

You can’t ‘activate’ bundled plugins -

The plugin will still work as required without needing to take that step. The theme author will be responsible for making available updated versions

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New to Wordpress and had rev slider installed on my theme and was having problems so we removed it and installed Smart Slider and it works great. However **[rev_slider alias=“default”] is showing on top of our pages. How does one remove that and rev slider from our slider.php file.

Hey Charlie4282 - How can I completely remove Rev Slider from my site. It was bundled in with my theme and deactivated it because it had issues with my theme. I also deleted it but it still appears in the PHP file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!