Revolution Slider - how to use the caption from the image



I am using Revolution slider, a simple full screen ‘old=fashoned’ slider. I have two questions:

  1. I want to add a caption to the slides, but what I want to use is the caption that I have already spent time adding to the images themselves. This way when I change things all I need to do is change the images. Is this possible?

  2. Can I select the images using categories instead of add each image specifically?

I did look in the documentation but didn’t find anything, which doen’t mean it can’t or that I looked in the right place. Any ideas?

Thank you… liz


Hello @lizat

Welcome to the forums! You may want to check: Slider Revolution Documentation



mmm… I have looked quite extensively and the documentation is good but, like all these things, if you don’t know where to look or what term to use exactly the information remains hidden. The only thing I could find was how to add a caption to the slide, on other words a new caption that is defined in the slider; I want to add a caption but using the title already given to the image in the media library.

Thank you… liz


Unfortunately, i can also not find the fitting answer for this question in the linked documentation.

How can the caption of the respective image be used?
Is there a shortcode?