Revolution slider error: Slider with alias slider 1 not found Maybe you mean: 'slider1'



I had configured the slider and it works good when I"m in the Visual Composer
but when I update the Visual Composer and return to the fronpage I got this erorr.

Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias ”slider1″ not found.


You probably should recreate the silder or just fix the sliders alias in the visual composer.


Thank you for your answer.
I recreatrd the slider with a new name,
I opend the Visual Composer in tne revolotion slider editor and it changed automaticly to the new name.
I saw again the slides, turned off the Visual Composer an again I got the same error


Maybe it’s a naming conflict try to remove any space from slides names : ‘slider 1’ will be changed to ‘slider1’.


there is no space’ this is the name: slider2


So, I guess that is a plugin conflict, i explain :

If your are using VC inside RS builder : so RS is using his own div blocks structure so when you add VC structure inside slides RS Structure will be broken so maybe it’s the error.


what do you mean in Vc which component I have to look for?


It’s a guess

you talked about

so Visual Composer have his own DIVS structure so when it’s included inside Revolution Slider Divs Structure it may broke it.


It is strange, we bought the theme and all this plugins were included .
it should work.
even in the demo that they gave it didn"t work


So you shoud contact th editor of the theme and he should help.
BTW can you give me the theme name?


Billio - Multipurpose Company WordPress Theme


I had this too. What I did to fix it:

Go to Classic Mode Editor and replace code for RevSlider with shortcode in RevSlider drop-down menu. I eventually updated RevSlider to latest version and havent’ had this issue ever since.

Hope this helps.


thank you but I need more explaination.
you mean replace this?
[rev_slider_vc 1=“slider1” 2=“title=``[rev_slider_slider1” alias=“slider2” title=“New slider”]


Hey @ShaniDadon!

First of all, delete the widget you have in place for The Revolution Slider and then save the page so it shows blank really.

After you have done this reimplement the slider whilst choosing the correct slider alias and save the page.

Everything should work fine now after deleting the existing widget, readding and reconfiguring, I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you!
I deleted and added again the widget and it works!


I have another Question.
how do I make a news scroller in this theme?


Hi Shani,

For all theme related problems, issues and queries please submit a support ticket on their support portal and they will be able to assist you in the best possible manner. I hope this helps :sunny:


I have a similar issue - the theme is Ecobox, and I’ve imported the slider of the demo version. It is supposed to appear upon the header, but it shows an error on the header: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias No Sliders Found not found.
Maybe you mean: ‘Slider1’.
If I put the slider shortcode in the text field of the page editor, it works, the slider appears. But on the header it shows an error. I’d be grateful for any idea of what the problem may be.


FIX: Spent days on this. For me it was: Revolution Sliders doesn’t import automatically for installed themes its attached to. So, once you’ve installed the theme, go to Revolution Slider settings > Import > Choose the slider .zip files within your theme main files folder.

It’ll upload and install the zip files and should all work from there.


I have **[rev_slider alias=“default”} showing up on my home page. We had many issues with Rev Slider so we deactivated it and removed it from our theme but this still shows up. How can we completely remove Rev Slider?
It’s still showing in the slider.php file.