Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias homepage not found

I have already created a slider that works well in every position that it is placed. My slider name is “business”. Unfortunately the homepage has given me problems and the slider does not display (when I add it to the homepage, the slider moves to the bottom of the page instead of the top, and in the top I get a message saying that the slider with the alias homepage was not found. How can I edit the file where “homepage” is being referenced and change it to “business” instead. I was able to inspect the element and rev_slider_homepage is being referenced instead of rev_slider_business. How can I change this for the slider in the top of the homepage to be displayed correctly. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and this project is urgent so please respond.

Hi there!

Are you using a premium theme, purchased from themeforest?
If so, then I suggest you to contact the seller of the theme to give you support for the theme.

Btw, you can share your website to take a look?


Yes, I purchased BeTheme from theme forest. I cannot believe that you cannot help me with this issue. I cannot share the website since I am still working locally. How can I contact themeforest. I am really disappointed with your service and documentation since I am having a lot of trouble with the issue I already mentioned.

Please respond.



It’s the author of the theme that provides theme support not envato. This can be found here

Have you read the documentation that comes with the file? This explains how and which sliders are applied to each page.