Reviews need a flag button

Hi, it’s silly to have “damaging” item reviews up for a couple of days until an Envato agent replies the official help request raised by the author. Comments have a flag button, why reviews don’t? Thanks.


Reviewers can’t be touched, they are god here :slight_smile: , my experience with reviewers was very very very very bad!!!

Sometimes I felt like I was chatting with a robot!

No, meant customer item reviews :slight_smile: not reviewers, they are just fine :smiley:

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Yeah right:)

most of the times, reviews are used to ask for an illegal refund

Right !!! At least author need some authority to prevent action immediately (Because mostly customer check the review or comments before buying). My recent experience is totally worst.

  • Buyer blackmailing for provide support like installation otherwise we do negative review.
  • After provide small support if we didn’t revert with in business hours they can do negative review.
  • Buyer can change review ANYTIME(1000+) ??? Is it way valid ??? This one 100% taken action against.
  • Support team always consider the answers as buyer side(THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT).

Can’t describe in 1 line because day too day this one going to be very hard to manage. All author may be not there on forum otherwise they always demands this features. My concern is same at least author required some authority to so immediately action.

Couldn’t agree more. The only legal refund is “Mistaken purchase” and a not downloaded item. Everything else you can just decline and when a dispute is raised, you explain.

Everyday bro. This WooCommerce “business” is just ridiculous in that terms. Loads of noobs have no idea what WordPress or WooCommerce is, but … ah not want to start that :slight_smile:

It’s funny how everywhere, when you ask something about the systems and improvements, the team behind it always replies, e.g. our businesses, bigger businesses with their own services, but here on Envato, is just silence all the time. Great work you guys @Envato

Such reviews are easily canceled because they break the rules Rating or Review Removal Policy – Envato Market Help Center

Hi, yes, but in some cases you wait for 5 days for that to happen. As comments have a Flag button, and they are instantly flagged, maybe same principle can be used here too.

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