Reviews are untrustworthy

Hello, we used to rely greatly on item reviews when purchasing items, however, it seems that some authors can abuse the “Report review” function and get any negative ratings instantly removed. What is the point of having a review system, if its flawed?

Authors can flag reviews but they can’t have them removed - only envato can do that.

The main problem aren’t some authors who want to hide flaws with their products, but the fact that all of their reports get approved and ratings removed. Example: good ratings for an item tricked us into buying it, only to later discover it’s poorly made and has tons of bugs. After posting a negative review, it didn’t take long for it to be censored. We kept monitoring the item and further negative reviews kept popping up only to be removed later. The proper way of dealing with this, would be to check if the claims in reviews are really true, and act accordingly. This could also improve the quality of some offered items.

If you think this is happening then it’s definitely worth flagging to envato Envato Market Help and Support

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