Reviews are soo uneven

This is my funny story: I’ve submitted an 8bit chiptune loop piece. I got a soft rejection due to too long name - my bad. I’ve made title change and send it for review. I got soft rejected once more cause I didn’t mark the “loop” field-yep, I’m a noob. Message from reviewer said that actually he’s sorry that it wasn’t mentioned at first rejection. I’ve changed it and send it for review. Got another soft reject “you’d already shortened the title as instructed, and now have made it too long again. DO NOT MAKE THE TITLE LONGER. If you cannot make the proper corrections, we will have no choice but to reject your submission.” I haven’t touched the title after shortening it! Got confused. Do you have to make all the changes from the beginning when got multiple rejects? Guys, let me know.

All the constant reviewing lasted like 3 weeks. Anyway, I got stressed and deleted the file. I thought that I will take a big breath, check everything 3 times and make a new submission with exactly same piece without any mistakes.
So I did.

Of course I got hard reject xD

Have a good weekend everybody!

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That’s unfortunate, I would reach out to support to try to solve the matter.

Ahh, the old soft reject → hard reject! This comes up in the forum from time to time. I think some reviewers check for admin mistakes and soft reject items before they spend time listening properly to them. Chances are that if you had corrected it right the first time, it still might have been hard rejected. (Not that that’s gonna be any comfort to you!)
If you want some ideas about why you got a rejection, you could put the track on SoundCloud and post it here. Some of the good folks in the forums might have some helpful thoughts…


That’s unfortunate !
I’m not sure but it seems they now reject all items your delete from the queue, Especially with the soft rejection.

That’s why you got the hard reject :confused:

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Actually, resubmitting a deleted item will always end up in it being hard rejected. Nothing to do with quality.


@Osynthw Right-o. Good to know! Don’t delete stuff that’s in the queue… I’d not heard that rule before, is it a new policy? The author help FAQ is still recommending that you delete and resubmit items in the queue if you notice a mistake. As usual from Envato, their policy is clear as a home-brewed beer! :smile: :beers:

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I think you can do that as long as it hasn’t been reviewed.

Maybe I’m wrong ! I think it’s more about delete item from queue when it’s soft reject ! Sorry for my mistake :slight_smile:

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Maybe I didn’t make myself clear or I’m using wrong terms… I canceled the item from a review (after a third soft reject due to descritption/title issues) and then deleted it from submission/upload.
Two days later I’ve made a whole new upload for the same file/same song (shorter title though).
My points is that something that was “nearly correct” at first place, got hard rejected when it was uploaded again, probably only because somebody else reviewed it.

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For the sake of clarification, what I said was about items that are deleted after having been reviewed (whether it’s been soft rejected hard rejected or even approved). It doesn’t make sense that unreviewed queued items cannot be deleted and resubmitted, as this would prevent making corrections if needed and would expose reviewers to more soft rejectable items than necessary.

In the case of @GreenSauce, their items had been reviewed then soft rejected. Their decision to “start over” by deleting and resubmitting as a new submission is what lead to their ending up hard rejected.


Hey Pierre, sorry if I replied to your post by mistake. I was meant to reply to @Osynthw. I know AJ have been updating their review system lately, so I wasn’t sure if a rule about deleting queued items was something new that they’ve brought in. It seems it’s not, which is good.

I’ve never deleted a soft-rejected item, so I wonder, is it considered the same as deleting an item from your portfolio page? I thought the policy about not resubmitting deleted items was so that authors can’t keep ‘renewing’ their items in the search engine. Rejecting items that never made it that far seems a bit harsh if it was simply a case of wasting the reviewer’s time.

I agree, this could have been the case. This topic talks about this and it’s worth a read. It points out and acknowledges some of the pitfalls of a subjective review process quite well.


Sorry for the overall misunderstood that I created :grimacing: :zipper_mouth_face:

The beauty of misunderstandings is the act of trying to understand them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you mean that the only proper way to solve “item description” soft reject is only by applying changes on already uploaded file?
I know that there are tools to change for example a title, but yet I’ve found it difficult to change both title and “loop” field at the same time. These are on different tabs (Description&Price vs Item&Tags) and actually you cannot check afterwards if the applied change was saved or not, which was also mentioned here: Soft reject. Error in the title. Need your help
As I mentioned in a first post, I had a problem with a too long title that I’ve shortened and then it got longer again “by system?” cause I had to apply changes at “loop” field.

Thank you guys for all the comments, looks like I’ve got a lot to learn!

Harsh indeed, but I think this is what it is. The ever growing queue on AJ had become a real issue at one point. For Envato, the fate of a single item/author is no match to the well being of the market place.

Well, what other proper way would there be? If you item is soft rejected, you’re told to amend it as per the reviewer’s instructions in order to complete the review process and get it accepted.

Deleting and reuploading is leaving the process incomplete and starting over means soliciting the system twice for the same items. Multiplied by the hundreds of daily submission, this behavior could drain resources and impact the process duration.

I agree, the item edit page is confusing in how you save/submit the edit. And the title change not being reflected in the dashboard submission sure doesn’t help.


Once you get your first soft rejection and you’re told to do something. You do it and submit the updates. They soft reject again. Means the last change you did wasn’t updated into the database and in your new update you’ve to do the pervious update once more. Let’s say you get a soft rejection again you’ll have to update previous 2 changes in the new update once again.

In simple words every time you reply to a soft rejection you’ve to update all of the previously mentioned issues in the previous soft rejection rounds. That is because they don’t accept updates until everything meets the requirement and once you’ve made all the changes they want they’ll approve it at once and the database will be updated accordingly. There is nothing uneven about it, I hope that makes sense.