Reviews are soo uneven

Hey Pierre, sorry if I replied to your post by mistake. I was meant to reply to @Osynthw. I know AJ have been updating their review system lately, so I wasn’t sure if a rule about deleting queued items was something new that they’ve brought in. It seems it’s not, which is good.

I’ve never deleted a soft-rejected item, so I wonder, is it considered the same as deleting an item from your portfolio page? I thought the policy about not resubmitting deleted items was so that authors can’t keep ‘renewing’ their items in the search engine. Rejecting items that never made it that far seems a bit harsh if it was simply a case of wasting the reviewer’s time.

I agree, this could have been the case. This topic talks about this and it’s worth a read. It points out and acknowledges some of the pitfalls of a subjective review process quite well.