Reviewers vs Creative Commons Image

Hey hi guys

Please Don’t think its just a another thread some random author crying about item rejection.
Actually its quiet tricky here.
Fine i uploaded 2 items which contains Creative commons images YES ! i properly explained image license and gave license/source link will uploading files.

NOW both item got soft rejected with msg reading remove image use place holder. [ By same reviewer X ]

ITEM 1 : Again i explained the License info and it got approved I DID NO CHANGE [approved by reviewer Y ]

ITEM 2 : Again i explained the License info and i did no change BUT again it got soft rejected reading same old msg remove image use place hold [ Yup, its reviewer X now ]

Can some one tell me what i need to do now.??
Do i need to keep sending the same msg again and again until i get past that reviewer X and get my item approved or envato will explain reason so for such inconsistency among reviewer ?

plse excuse my BAD English
Thank you

What version of Creative Commons is it?

May sound like a crazy idea, but have you considered removing the images and using placeholders instead? I mean, if a reviewer is telling you why an item is being declined, and giving you instructions on how to get it approved… it would seem like the way to go.

Fine …but my question is one reviewer is ok with including the image and another one objecting it WHY ???

NOPE im not gonna use place holder infact i told the reviewer if you not gonna approve the item with image better HARD reject it but still he soft rejects it with the same msg " remove image use place holder "…ERRRRR !!!

That’s the attitude!

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One of my items got soft rejected because I was using images from in the DEMO (not in the download package). Images from asos are used all over the place on ThemeForest and items containing images from there were accepted on the same time I was getting a soft reject, same day, and have been accepted since. Bottom line is to go with what the reviewr says, you have a lot more to lose than them :slight_smile:

Had the same issue. Submit the same item ( without changing anything ) three times then approved ( had to wait for approx. 3 weeks though )

Do you have a link to the item, so the reviewers can soft disable it? That one is definitely against the rules!