Reviewer's pre-prepared review responses

Can I get a copy of the reviewer’s pre-prepared review responses and handwritten, personalised notes that rejected this flyer, I believe this would help me understand why it was hard rejected.

as for me i like this itemnow maybe the header could be improved sightly by trying to organize it a bit more logically so that u occupy the space more aesthetically, at this stage your header is like a U-shape and u have rather squared and rectngular shapes and the circle comes a bit out of the blue so to speak …

otherwise what is the size of this item , as it looks like that some of your brush are a bit pixellated and when we have a look at the enlarged preview the thing looks “not really neat”, i guess if u have a a5 u should make a postcard format out of it and the thing would be solved indeed

sorry buddy i had forgotten, well indeed, as regard to what u said this is what all people are asking for especially as the number of rejections is increasing gamely and that a lot of people feel like they do not understand anything about the rejection and / or the standards … but this is the same for all people
in my case for instance i have always been quite surprised to see so many items being accepted when basic design principles are no where to be seen …

Exactly, I mean it’s not as if I’m asking for the Holy Grail, all I would like is a copy of the reviewer’s pre-prepared review responses and handwritten, personalised notes, this would at least give us a sporting chance.

Back in the day you would get some personalised notes on what you could do to improve the item and get it accepted, I even had some back and forth with a reviewer when I first started, but now that the Envato community has grown by a very large margin, and the amount of items submitted per day is most like in the hundreds, it would be somewhat unrealistic to expect personalised details on why an item is rejected.

However, I think a good idea for them would be to have a small list of pre-made responses (if they don’t already), that say it’s either due to item quality, originality, proper file setup, etc. because there could be many reasons for an items rejection, such as the reviewer already seeing very similar items before yours.

Good point, well made. In essence, that’s all I’m asking for not a detailed essay on why it’s been rejected just the category as you have said… item quality, originality, proper file setup, etc.