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Hello there, guys! i had a problems with items limitation, course of my often hard rejects =( But 50% times i realy don’t understand the reason why i get it?.. Sometimes Its a mistakes, wich i can fix fast and easely, but whan you get just : “doesnt meet the general commercial qwality standart…” it can be anything… I realy understand, that - if thay get the advices for everybody, it will be mush time for explanations, but its hard to moove on, whan you dont understand, what is your problem… =) Peace for everybody!)


@marsiansounds .

Hello. There are thousands of tracks uploaded on daily basis and a handfull of reviewers. If the reviewer would need to give a proper rejection reason for any uploaded track, the review time will drastically escalade. The help section contains a lot of information in order to produce your track and to avoid the rejection. But this will accomplish just the half of the problem. There are the subjective aspects of the track production, composition, arrangement, mixing and mastering. And every single step matters. Please, watch this video, and it should help you understand the mechanics of reviewing the tracks uploaded on Audio Jungle.

Hope this helps. Have a good day

Big thanks for you, nice video!

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