Reviewers bad day makes author motivation fail?

Hi everyone.
Recently I got hard reject. AFTER WAITING ABOUT MONTH.
Maybe this track don’t have crystal quality, but I think my work is not worthy for rejecting…
Really I spend many days for this project.

Track comes with 3 different versions.

  1. With epic drums
  2. Pop drums
  3. Without drums

I created interesting animated presentation for track, find and write some most popular keywords for this category from google analytics, google trends, and from some SEO sites

This is animated presentation’
Here, in forums, animation is in bad quality, but in track description all fine.

And this is track.

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I’m listening from macbook speakers but i have a feeling that piano arp is not in sync with strings and drums. Also arrangement is way too long and repetitive for me. Sometimes i feel there is something missing in some parts of the track. Generally speaking your track sounds like a nice unfinished sketch (draft). It has not a feeling of finished and polished track. It has nice melody but everything is a bit rough.
I hope it helps.

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Thank you for feedback, mate!

Interesting and usable opinion, I will try solve the issues!)

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It’s just an opinion, but what I see as problems:
1 - you have to play more evenly or use quantization
2 - you shouldn’t have tempo changes or polyrythm, wich you have
3 - the mixing: instruments are not EQed and balanced well (for example, the drums on 4:05 are too loud, and I also think they are too dry)

That’s all pity, because if you fix this problems you’ll get a wonderful track!

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Thank you friend for usable opinion!
In these days I will try fix all issues, and upload again, maybe it will be approved:)))

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Hey not bad yeah some of drums are like in different quantize. and this is really drowned in reverb, and has not “in your face” sound. Add some compression and make it a bit brighter (the piano looks ok) but mostly this track is “killed” by the reverb imo. could be a really really good track though

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Really, track need quantization (instruments is not in sync). Mixing: try to add more verb to create more dramatic sound, because now sound is raw. Good luck!

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Thank you buddies, thanks for feedback! I really now need your opinions.

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Firstly you are obviously an amazing musician, the track has allot of epic feel to it like a huge majestic scene or something so really amazing and I just wanted to give some friendly advice.

Click Track - Use a click track from the start when you are recording. If you are using midi it is easy to quantize all of the notes, if you are not using midi but recording a keyboard you should use a metronome. It’s hard to play with a metronome but if you do it enough you can get allot better at it.

If you don’t have a metronome an easy way to get some type of rhythmic indicator would be to play the demo drums from your keyboard but mute everything except the hihat and snare and record that and use it as your tempo track.

Syncing Recordings - If you are doing arpeggios or some rigid triads that have to be perfectly in sync you can just loop over that part and record it over and over again without stopping recording, Start a little before the part and then come in and if the loop is right it will automatically start again, then afterward choose the best one.

Reviewers - The reviewers are looking for submissions that will fit within what most of the clients are purchasing. That means it should be made with the idea that it will be used as some type of background for a specific project. They suggest that you have the project in mind before you make the track.

Track Length - I don’t think the length is necessarily a problem but if it’s long you should be introducing allot of new stuff. The average track will change after 1-2 measures, it will either have more or less energy and it will add or remove something so that it sounds different but keeps the character of the track.

In most cases, the audience only needs to hear a measure once or twice and then it’s time to change. Since all of our clients should know how to work with audio files they can loop whatever part they want if we give them 1 measure and then they can fit it to the length of their track.

In other words, don’t repeat the same thing over and over because it’s not necessary.

Midi - Start using midi asap if you aren’t already. Midi will give you the ability to record and then quantize the notes after recording and you can make them perfectly in sync. It still takes work but if you are recording from a keyboard it’s going to be very difficult though not impossible to get the tempo and instruments to sync perfectly.

Hope this helps and you are great at building emotion with music!

Thank you for all words)))
Yes my friend, I have studio and use midi, and exactly I used quantization, I think delay comes from effects…But I fixed these all problems, and added one more, dubstep version, u can hear it here … composing finished but this is not final version, track not mastered)) I want to master this track and upload it in these days

No problem remake sounds great! Lets see what happens right? Too bad there is a backlog on approval.

Don’t make yourself gullible to rejection. Listen, you can’t blame a failure (if you can call it that, after all it’s just AJ) on others. But think about it: the only thing holding you back is yourself.

I listened to your track and it sounded quite okay. I’ve had rejections on perfectly well produced music, too. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit into the category you chose. There are other marketplaces where I sold this track multiple times. That’s why I chose not to be an exclusive author. I also have my own online shop. On AJ, the authors can just choose from a list of pre-defined answers and hence, give you a very superficial reaction on the material you have submitted. It is frustrating, yes but the best thing to do right now is to continue submitting more material and then see what direction you can go. You can only learn from the “failure”. Good luck!

This thread was from 2 years ago :wink:

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welp, now that I have obviously screwed this one up, it’s time to go, digg up some more ancient posts and see what the original authors are up to these days. no? why are you looking at me like that? what are you doing with that chair? ok I’ll leave

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I’m sure he’ll appreciate the sentiment no matter what!

Cool tracks btw!

yeah, sorry I didn’t see the date of the post to be honest. I just saw what the guy was writing and kinda saw myself in his story when I started out 10 years ago.

Thanks! :smiley: :beer: :beers: