Reviewers are making jokes from clients

    Your demo is down. A working demo is required for the review process. Please fix this so we can move forward.

It’s impossible that demo doesn’t work. Every system W7, W8, W10, every site where can I check is site off line or online say that everything is ok. 4 firsst reviewers do not have this problem but this one have …

  1. .ds_store hidden files found in theme - I turn it off , it’s imposssible - someone knows other solution :

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

3. - tested on every browser and works correctly … what they use IE 6 ? Every image in content that have class “size-full” WP class are responsive style

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  1. Maybe your server wasn’t working when they happen to be checking but it’s working now?

  2. I would recommend running the entire folder through a DS store remover (there are free apps available on the App Store). Sometimes you can accidentally open up a folder after cleaning it and not realize another one of those annoying files generated. This will show up if you’re using the Theme Check plugin. EDIT: It’s my understanding that you can’t completely stop OSX from creating .ds_store files.

  3. That’s a pretty common thing that happens to images that haven’t been given a CSS alignment.

If you activate the Theme Check plugin and test your theme with the Theme Unit Test test data, you’ll most likely see those issues.

On my site theme check plugin do not show that there are .ds_store files

A while a go we had some issues with styling. It drove us crazy because we could not repeate the bug. In the end we figured out that reviewer was testing on firefoex on mac… later on he appologized because he did not state it. Well we lost 3 days which was back then a lot.

In the other instance reviewer had a bad instalation of wp which caused issues we could not reproduce. Again we got couple of soft reject before we got him to check gis instalation. Again lost 5 days and got so sorry thank you for your patience.

When we have clients on support and we mess up we usually have to make some free customisations and male a loss for ourselfs to not get bad reviews and bad ratings and possible refund requests.

and what about meta-box plugin. Theme check say that add_shortcodes() is plugin territority. I include meta-box in theme and say every reviewer why this bug exist - 3 of them doesn’t see bug in this, but this one send this as a bug…

ps. last reviewer send 3 bugs to fix, this send 14.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying that you’re using the add_shortcodes function in your theme?

And a side thought, isn’t it better that a reviewer finds bugs now before a customer does? It seems like a good opportunity to iron out a few things before it goes into the marketplace.

Yes, I include mata-box in theme and theres is add_shortcodes function … and You know why I do it ? Because when I learn how people create blogs in here I bought some best sellers - 3 of them got meta-box included with add_shortcode function included. Will Envato remove all this themes ?? or there are different conditions for beginners and elite authors?

Really I’m try to add blog in here for 1.5 years , even Xanax today stop working when I seen some of this funny soft rejects @kailoon should be a trainer for all rest of reviewers.Why @kailoon see demo ? I do not change server … permissions etc.

Reviewers job is to review your theme initially before going live to marketplace. His job is to approve based on the guidelines provided. Later, once it approves, it is author’s responsibility to remember those points and carry his journey ahead. Some authors do some don’t. So, it’s your choice what to choose.

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I completly do not understand your thoughts…

What this has common with meta-box in elite author themes and add_shortcode functions ?

So why kailoon see my demo and this doesn’t ? Why they use PHP from 2010 to check theme …

if ( abc(4)[0] == 1 ){} this won't work until PHP 5.4+

Their hire reviewers which works on free hosting with PHP from 2010 ?

Use DSWipe App on your Theme folder before uploading to ThemeForest.

No thanks, I got enough … every next soft reject more problems … from what IP reviewer look at my demo, I will use proxy and check if only on his IP demo doesn’t work… but I will never know his IP … I make 15 themes where 6 was soft rejected because of some stupid reasons.


Try creating a thread with Envato support and mention about this. There seems to be some misunderstanding either with you (As you are thinking, you are doing it all right) or the reviewer.

If you really want to get a detailed review on your Theme and not be frustrated, consider hiring Justin & Sakin to review it for you. [Removed]

hehe new business for soft reject items? :smiley: that’s why everyone get 20 soft rejects. Nice business. Soon envato will take 1% from provision for every soft reject.

It makes you wonder! However, I felt a whole lot better after receiving a detailed review and interaction with them.

Why? Not topic for TF forum ?

Please respect your fellow users, staff, and moderators. We are all part of a community and you are expected to treat all users in a professional and respectful manner.

Just a word of advice, if you live your life always asking “Why me? And why not them?” you’re going to have a very stressful and miserable life. Review standards and requirements change all the time. It’s better to just follow the suggestions of the Review team than worry about what other authors do or do not have in their themes. Focus on the future and don’t sweat the past.

@kingdog Sorry but it’s impossible to “make good” every time to different reviewer ( people ) We are all humans with different taste. If @kailoon see my demo tell me please why @michael_l see 403 forbidden error. Give my please his IP so I can check why he do not see my demo. I got server in Germany … maybe USA block them …

I know You wont answer but other question is why some users can include meta-box plugin in theme and other cant.

Ok after Xanax is only morfine … :slight_smile: maybe 2 years on that and I will get approved.