Reviewer´s HOT PICK

Many radio stations have a daily “Hot Pick” to focus on some extraordinary talents.

Yes, I know that AJ has a weekly featured author and file.

But that´s not the speed of today.

We need more alternation and chances for those who are NOT IN THE TOP and DO NOT HAVE a daily upload on the frontpage.

So let´s vote for a new category “Reviewer´s Hot Pick!” on the frontpage changed daily.


I´m not a Reviewer but my daily HOT PICK is this new talented author: KVANCHO

I’m absolutely all for this idea to give the newcomers and foot soldiers a better chance to get them some exposure as well!

Nice idea Dirk although we do not want to add to the reviewers already heavy workload! :slight_smile:

gballx said

Nice idea Dirk although we do not want to add to the reviewers already heavy workload! :slight_smile:

Well, they would have to listen to the entire song anyway Graham.
Meaning, at the end of the song they could simply “tag” it and link it. (Could be too much to ask perhaps, but once a day…)

It would be a boost for people to upload quality tracks as well, trying to get that front page exposure.

Great idea, I see pluses only for envato, authors and customers from it, but I think reviewers do not agree with this. :slight_smile: It’s just another duty for them. :slight_smile:

It’s a great idea, just have to be thought trough logistically!

:sunglasses: Great Idea! +1

I give my +1

+1 - With such overcrowded marketplace as Audiojungle we need better tools for exposing talented authors.

+1 for Dirk’s idea.

I like it, I think songs that already have been uploaded and are really good, but just didn’t get enough exposure should be the tunes in the running, let the new uploads get the front page, etc…

Great idea +1

Good idea +1

+1 from me too! why not give a chance for a brand new fresh and wonderful track…because we all know…there are many songs that remain undiscovered just because the 5 minutes of fame on the front page are not enough.


I like the idea :slight_smile: +1

Good call :slight_smile:

+1 !

Nice idea! I’m all for it!

I would love this,obviously because I only have 2 sales!