Reviewer requests HTML file extensions for HTML template

My HTML template uses PHP file extension for pages to easily include the header, footer, and sidebar in every page. Reviewers have requested I use HTML file extensions, but that’s something I want to dispute and the only way to communicate with reviewers is through the submission history comments made each time I submit my item.

How can I dispute a request the reviewer makes? Are HTML templates with PHP file extensions not permitted for some reason?


Hi, @Luminal-Dev

PHP is Dynamic and needs server-side PHP language. But, HTML is static.

You can easily host HTML anywhere. But, when you add PHP extension it’s need complete server ex LAMP… Also, If you are using it for only for your own work. Then it’s OK. But when you are going to sell it. You should think about your customer’s knowledge. They might don’t know about PHP. That’s the reason they are using static HTML template.

I believe reviewer is right! And, You should only use HTML, JS, CSS etc for the Static template.

Hope you understand…


I fully understand that, but my item is somewhat unusual and I need a way to efficiently communicate with the reviewer to discus the problem.

If you need to provide something for it to be accepted in a certain category, then you need to provide that thing unfortunately. Discussing it is highly unlikely to remove the requirement to upload HTML files when submitting to the HTML category.

Whatever you say in that discussion, unless Envato make chsnges in tge future, it can.and will only end with the reviewer telling you that it’s not going to be accepted unless you include HTML files… no matter how unique it may be.

The key point here is that your file could be the most amazing peice of work in the universe. It could be so unique that mankind have trouble comprehending its brilliance, until one day they establish a new religion around your item… due to the comfort and inner peace it brings to them. The magnificence of your work unites the planet into one… a united people, sharing the planet we live on, and stepping hand in hand towards a bright and prosperous future. People sing songs of your item, and name their children after it, for centuries to come. Children who will one day attend one of the many Luminal-dev memorial universities and high schools across the world. But it’s still not HTML, so it’s not going in the HTML category.

Like I said; I need a way to discuss the “issue” with the reviewers. This is more about common sense. The files with PHP extensions are 99.9% HTML code. The PHP in the files are a total of 3 lines and each line is an include function like so:

<?php include("components/header.html") ?>

I’m no HTML or PHP wizard, but can’t you just remove those three line… save them as HTML, and then upload them as HTML… while including the PHP files as an added bonus?

Discussing it with a reviewer is unlikely to change anything though. I’m sure they’re well aware of the differences between the two file types. The best thing would be to get this in front of whoever sets the processes that the reviewers follow… and your best bet for that would be to open a ticket with support. Don’t get your hopes up though… there must be some reason they’re doing things the way they are.