Reviewer profiles

Dont You think that reviewers profiles should have real face thumbnail ? @michael_l , @Barometer etc. etc. You are company workers … show Your face, write Your personal data etc… what is Your experience … all this profiles are empty like some fake account.

lol. Why would they share personal informations to anyone?

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Because they are workers of big legal company ( or maybe they are illegal workers ) ? Because Envato should care about his “mark” ? if not hhumbnails then fb profiles, linkedin profiles … Thaey are legal workers … I can ask some US department where they work and who they are.

lol. don’t worry about that. I am sure this is reviewers choice. Some of theme have real pictures.

it’s just amateur.

Personal data? For what?

lol, take it simple man!

Where’s your real face thumbnail?! :wink:

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