Reviewer guys are on holidays?

Guys, its been 6 days and I have not heard back from reviewer. I submitted my item on 4th of january and initially I got first response in 15-17 days and thn resubmission took 3-4 days. This time its been 6 days and no further response from them.

Please let us know what is going on or all staff is transferred to USA :smiley:


Check this link : . Resubmissions 2 days, really strange that we are waiting for 6 days now :wink: Really accurate information!

waiting since 5 days now.

Now im little unsure for the other items I got in queue to upload on market. :frowning:

My item is also queued for review 6 days ago, It’s my 6th Resubmission I used to get response after 1 or 2 days but this time I am waiting longer, Hope someone let us know what is going on.

Oh now I got it, Im not the only one :slight_smile: There are more fishes around the sea

Hi, i guess it depends on where u are uploading … it looks like in GR revievers are operating and are having a good pace , it seems that reviewing is rather fast as of late

Same here. (Resubmission). Queued for Review. Submitted 6 days ago

Are you talking about WP themes or what, sorry?

Yes, WP themes.

I think we all talk about wp

same here. soft rejected 2nd submission almost 5 days and still waiting. normally they review in 2 days. somethings goin wrong :frowning:
good luck all